Meet Jen

Money touches almost every area of our lives, either directly or indirectly. Jen’s passion is to help people win with money, so they can reach their financial goals and dreams. Jen strongly believes that personal finance does not have to be complicated, and that making small changes, applied consistently over time, will have a positive impact on someone’s financial future.

Jen has been helping individuals and businesses with their money since 2006. She worked as a Financial Counselor for a set of hospitals, a Credit Manager for an HVAC distributor, and then started her own financial consulting business at the beginning of 2014.

A list of some of the many ways Jen helps people with money includes:

     -     One-to-one consulting sessions

     -     Working with businesses to teach their employees/team members how to win with money

     -     Teaching k-12 grade students about money (in both traditional and homeschool settings)

     -     Author of the book Jenny’s Pennies: Your Financial Success Begins Today and Watch Me:Driven To Succeed

     -     Speaking at corporate and church events

     -     A podcast and YouTube channel, both named “Jenny’s Pennies”

Confidentiality: When Jen worked in healthcare, she became familiar with HIPPA and patient privacy. Although she no longer works in healthcare, Jen still takes client confidentiality very seriously. You can rest assured that your conversations, and written information given, won’t be shared with others.

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